Thia MartinThia Martin resides in Boulder, Colorado where her Sunshine Canyon home and studio and its' breathtaking views are the backdrop for her inspiration.  The majority of her body of work resides with  painting and pastels, but her imaginative mind often moves her talents into the worlds of sculpture and short filmmaking.  With her art, Thia guides her viewers from a secular perspective into a world of suspended contemplation by leaving a veil of mystery in her pieces, forcing viewers to feel their own presence within.

Thia is what many call a natural born artist.  In the earliest times of her life it was 2nd nature to create elaborate visual worlds and live into them.  As early as 6 years old she was translating those imaginary images into portraits that had the earliest hints of her style, capturing the emergent nature of her images.

Moving to Boulder in 2002, Thia was able to engage her artistic pursuits only part time as she continued to raise her four children.  A fire in Sunshine Canyon in 2010 that partially burned her home and the homes of hundreds of her neighbor’s inspired her to spend a year documenting the decimation and rebirth of the canyon, which culminated in short videos, Changed; The Fourmile Canyon and To Build a Home.

The videos, along with the deep connections formed with neighbors, put her on the path to continue fighting for the underdog through her work and ability to bring artists and individuals together for a cause.  She is currently working with the Buffalo Field Campaign to protect the last wild herd of buffalo  and planning a gala event on October 23, 2015, Wild n' Free;A Gala and Art Auction to benefit Buffalo Field Campaign at the Artwork Network Gallery in Denver to raise awareness through art.

Buffalo Field Campaign:

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