IMG_3763The Buffalo Field Campaign was brought to my attention two years ago through a friend who has worked with the cause for sometime. She would often share her experiences with me but to be honest, I felt indifferent. It was not until I watched footage of a buffalo calf being killed at the hands of man, that my feelings swiftly shifted from indifference to impassioned. I felt the call.


That passion took me directly to the field in Yellowstone this past spring. In only one week I was witness to the harassment and constant interruption of the buffalo’s natural migration path. I wondered how one man could be so moved to carry out egregious acts against Mother Nature while another man could spend his days putting it all on the line to save them.

Through this idea and my time in the field came the realization that I paralleled the journey of the buffalo with my own life’s journey. Suddenly I was aware that my allegiance to this cause was the pilgrimage to my own healing.

From the passion for helping this majestic animal came the idea that I was in collaboration with the buffalo. I feel the need to create a wave of awareness for these majestic animals and be a vessel that brings healing to the cause. Through this, the seed was planted for bringing artists together to benefit this beautiful animal and our event was born. Using my gifts and the gifts of the wonderful and talented artists who have been so generous as to lend their work, we can make a difference for the last wild herd of buffalo in Yellowstone.

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Buffalo Field Campaign:

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