Our National Mammal is a short documentary exposing the controversial management and ruthless treatment of America's last wild bison and the people fighting to protect them.


For many, bison are an American icon. In 2016 the bison was named America's National Mammal, joining the bald eagle in distinction as a national symbol. Yet in Yellowstone National Park, hundreds of America's last wild bison are slaughtered each year under an inter-agency management plan controlled by the Montana Department of Livestock– an agency devoted to protecting the interests of its cattle while deploying arguably unethical tactics to capture, abuse and kill bison in and around Yellowstone.

Out of this controversy, Buffalo Field Campaign was born– an organization documenting the abuse of the buffalo for over 20 years in order to bring awareness to the issue and pass legislation to protect bison in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Millions of tourists visit Yellowstone National Park each year to witness a rare glimpse of the iconic bison in their natural habitat. Yet few are aware of the plight facing these buffalo each year. This documentary aims to bring light to the issue, and change the course of events for America's last wild bison and Our National Mammal.

Buffalo Field Campaign:

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